TF Gear Force 8 Bivvy - 2 men Палатка

TF Gear Force 8 Bivvy - 2 men Палатка

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3,000mm hydrostatic head - 100% waterproof guaranteed Heavy duty 6oz denier fabric Extra tough ribs to withstand the strongest winds Porch for extra storage and protection Errected in under 20 seconds Built-in groundsheet for extra warmth and comfort Effortlessly set up in less than 20 seconds. Force 8 is fast and easy to errect, thanks to it revolutionary central hub system that quickly pulls its strong flexi ribs into place, it is then just a simple matter of sliding the Flash-Touch power lock into position and this incredible all season shelter is ready to go. Twinned skinned to maximise comfort, the Force 8 creates a warm, thermally insulated condensation free enviroment guaranteeing full protection against the worst weather imaginable. Designed with an integrated porch area that gives extra storage space for wet clothing, bait and any other tackle you do not wish to have within your main living space, this also provides vital extra frontal coverage during extreme weather conditions. Width 250cm, Depth 280cm, Door Height 130cm Main Bivvy Height 150cm. Продукт известен още и като Force 8 Bivvy 2 men, Force8Bivvy2men, Force 8 Bivvy 2 men, Force8Bivvy-2men

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