Ehmanns Pro-Zone SX 2 Man XLarge Bivvy Палатка

Ehmanns Pro-Zone SX 2 Man XLarge Bivvy Палатка

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PERFECT BIVVY RANGE - Simply the best!
PRO-ZONE SI 2 Man Bivvy 2013
Concerning size and features, PRO-ZONE SI 2 Man Bivvies are identical to HOT SPOT SI 2 Man Bivvies. The frames are made of high strength 6061 aluminium with a diameter of 19 mm. The difference to the HOT SPOT SI is the fabric. It is made of breathable AW20000 which generates less condensate and repells water. It has all the features of the EHMANNS Perfect Bivvy Range like the bowl-shaped groundsheet for optimum rodent protection.
The shell is consciously made of 150D x 150D breathable AW20000 fabric. In contrast to 210D polyester - which is used for our HOT SPOT versions – the impregnation is done on the single thread. Then it is woven and the inner side is impregnated again. This technique makes the fabric extremely water repellent and breathable. The breathability will deal with condensation inside the bivvy and the repelling effect also lets it dry after rain right away. The water column of 20,000 mm minimum makes it absolutely waterproof.
The complete front can be zipped off in the PRO-ZONE 2013 version! All mozzi-windows can be zipped up from the inside. This way the windows can be secured against rain from the inside!
New, stronger 150D x 150D AW20000 breathable and quick drying fabric with double-sewn, welded and taped seams and a watercolumn of up to 20.000 mm. This new material is among the sturdiest fabrics availbale in these days High strength 4 rib aluminium frame construction with 19 mm diameter of 6061 T6 aluminium with rubber inlay 10 mm pegs for lateral Fixation at the main points
Aluminium frame support system with GFK fastlock-clips for easy setup
Both way opening multifunctional door with mozzi-net, which can be zipped up from the inside. Clear windows outside
attached and AW20000 cover with overlaps to secure the zipps
2 lateral multifunctional panorama windows with mosquito nets, which can be zipped up from the inside. Clear windows outside attached and AW20000 cover with overlaps to secure the zipps
2 large multifunctional rear windows with mozzi-nets, which can be zipped up from the inside. Clear windows outside attached and AW20000 cover with overlaps to secure the zipps in the rear, too All mozzi-nets can be opened with 2 lateral zippers. This enables closing the windows from the inside The rolled up windows are fixed by clips and stored in a pocket at the top of the window The front can be removed with a zipper
Rolled-up windows can be fixed savely with new clip-system
Sturdy zippers with EHMANNS logo
Reinforced peg clips with matt silver D-rings and tension strap security at variable erection heigths
2 rod retainers with velcro and EHMANNS logo
Separate tensions strap for erection without groundsheet
Sturdy steel pegs with T-hammerhead and EHMANNS logo - delivered in a reinforced tunnel-bag
New lighter but stronger reinforced and removable bowlshape groundsheet
Extra bag for a clean storage of the groundsheet
Separate bowl-shaped groundsheet with integrated tensions strap. It is fixated from outside for quicker erection and
optimum rodent protection
Reinforced carrying bag of 600D Polyester with shoulder belt and handles
Leaflet including set up and maintainance instruction
Optionally you can use a HOT SPOT SI 2 Man Overwrap or a PRO-ZONE SI 2 Man Overwrap to this Bivvy
Optionally you can buy a Mosquito Front for this Bivvy
Dimensions: appr. 305 x 305 x 150 cm (D x W x H)
Size of Carrying Bag: appr. 115 x 33 x 26 cm (D x W x H)
Weight: appr. 17 kg Продукт известен още и като Pro Zone SX 2 Man XLarge Bivvy, ProZoneSX2ManXLargeBivvy, Pro-ZoneSX2ManXLargeBivvy

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