Ehmanns Hot Spot SX Maxi Bivvy Zipped Front Палатка

Ehmanns Hot Spot SX Maxi Bivvy Zipped Front Палатка

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Двуместна палатка HOT SPOT SX Maxi Bivvy Zipped Front PERFECT BIVVY RANGE - DESIGNED TO PERFECTION! HOT SPOT SX Maxi Bivvy Zipped Front For the long turn fishing trip or the wish for more space we have designed this giant-comfort-pramhood bivvy. The HOT SPOT SX Maxi Bivvy easily holds three or four bedchairs with a large corridor and associated equipment. The roof has been redesigned to a more angular shape. Because of the pointed roof rainwater drains off immediately. To avoid condensation the single skin bivvy can be set up with an optional overwrap. A four-rib assembly of 19 mm diameter 6061 aluminum is absolutely necessary for optimum protection against sun, storm and rain. The frames are kept separate by a partially double frame support system.  The whole front can be extracted by zipps. An optional mozzi panel can be bought as a protection against insects. A bowlshape groundsheet protects against rodents. Further changes can be looked up in the feature section. The equipment leaves nothing to wish for. Advantages:  Convincing quality - thoughtful design - easy to set up - high stability – generous space - special equipment included - own repair shop! Features:
  • Extra sturdy, non elonging 210 Denier polyester cover with a water column of up to 10.000 mm
  • Rainborders turn off water from the front to the sides
  • High strength 6061 T6 aluminum frames with a diameter of 19 mm and rubber-inlay
  • Double sided aluminium frame support system 
  • Both way opening multifunctional door with mosquito net, clear window and polyester cover with overhangs at the door and door clear window  - now with pockets to store the up-rolled segments
  • 2 large panorama lateral windows with mosquito-nets, clear windows and polyester covers with overhangs - now with pockets to store the up-rolled segments
  • 2 large rear windows with mosquito-nets, clear windows and polyester covers with overhangs - now with pockets to store the up-rolled segments and zippers at the side
  • The rear mozzi-nets can be opened with 2 lateral zippers. This enables opening or closing the windows from the inside
  • With the assistance of 2 zippers at the mini storm sides the whole front can be rolled up
  • An optional mozzi panel is available to protect against insects
  • Strong zippers with EHMANNS zipper puller
  • Reinforced peg clips with matt silver D-shaped rings at various heights
  • Tension pole storm security to balance rough terrain and gusts of wind
  • 10 mm peg clips for lateral fixation
  • 2 rod retainers for fixing the rods to the bivvy
  • Forged steel pegs with T-hammerhead and EHMANNS-logo – delivered in a reinforced tunnel bag
  • Strong removable bowlshape groundsheet to protect against rodents
  • Extra bag for clean storage of the groundsheet
  • Separate tension strap supplied for use without groundsheet
  • Reinforced carrying bag of waterproofed 600 D polyester with shoulder belt and handles
  • Leaflet including bivvy set up and maintainance instruction
Dimensio ns:  approx. 395 x 360 x 180 cm (D x W x H) Size of Carrying bag:  approx. 135 x 26 x 28 cm (D x W x H) Weight:  approx. 21,5 kg   Caution! Do not use camping stoves or open fire in the bivvy anytime, due to danger of suffocation! Contacting the shell with e. g. a cigarette may cause fire! Продукт известен още и като HotSpotSXMaxiBivvyZippedFront

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